Four Roses (2009)
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Four Roses 2009

Four Roses: 'As if you could kill time without injuring eternity' - Henry David Thoreau A hotel in the outskirts of an industrial city, one hot summer evening: Jack has invited Ivana, a hooker, to his hotel room. He doesn't want sex, only to talk. Jack talks about his ex-wife; Ivana reveals her condition. They fall asleep in each other's arms. Belgian reporter Serge interviews comedian Ira Levi. Ira is tired and has nothing to say. Serge hardly understands a word of English. After the interview, Ira calls up his ex-wife, but she's not in the mood for talking. Two Brazilian lovebirds, Felipe and Lubke are living day by day, from one dive to another. Felipe wants to sleep. Lubke wants to play. She charms Felipe into having sex. Afterwards, Lubke doesn't feel well. Felipe suspects that she's faking her sickness just for attention. Three Johns were supposed to meet, but one John is late. Big and Tall John have never met. The hours go by and the two johns get to know each other...without really wanting to. Josh and Dré are in love. Dré thinks Josh is about to propose since, after 2 years being lovers, she feels it's the obvious step. Josh has got something important to get of his chest; he's gay and wants to come clean. Mabel and Frank just had a fight. Old and stubborn, they don't say a word to each other. Mabel falls asleep, so Frank adjusts her blanket comfortably.

Release Date:
Kris De Meester
Comedy Drama
Australia Belgium USA
John Samaha
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