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Accidental Killing Air Duct Air Vent Angel Angel Costume Anti Hero Ashtray Asthma Inhaler Bare Breasts Basement Beer Beer Drinking Beyond Death Biting Hand Black Comedy Blood Blood Spatter Blood Spurting Bloody Knife Body Cut Into Pieces Bong Bottle Breaking Bowling Breast Fondling Breast Massage Burial Burrito Cameo Cannabis Cat Cautery Crawling Through An Air Shaft Crush Crushed To Death Cult Comedy Cult Favorite Cult Film Dagger Dagger Throwing Damsel In Distress Dancing Dark Comedy Dead Body Dead Teacher Death Of Friend Death Of Parents Decapitated Head Decapitation Devil Costume Disembodied Eye Disembodied Hand Disembodied Head Dog Druid Duct Tape Enlightenment Evil Doll Eye Gouging Eyeball Fast Food Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Fighting With Ones Self Flatiron Flying Hand Friend Friendship Between Boys Friendship Between Teens Girl Next Door Good Versus Evil Gore Gross Out Guardian Angel Halloween Halloween Costume Hand Hand Cut Off Hanged Girl Heavy Metal High School Dance Hit By A Car Hit By A Truck Hospital Impalement Killing Spree Kiss Kissing Kitchen Knife Knife Throwing Knitting Laziness Light Living Dead Making Out Making Out In A Car Marijuana Microwave Oven Mistake Murder Murder Of Father Neck Breaking Nudity Nun Nun Costume Offscreen Killing Paint Party Pencil Sharpener Pitchfork Police Police Officer Killed Possession Pot Smoking Priestess Punk Rock Puppet Reference To Kiss Rescue Resurrection Scalping Screwball Comedy Self Mutilation Serial Killer Severed Ear Severed Hand Severed Head Shovel Shyness Slacker Splatter Stabbed In The Ear Stealing A Car Stoned Stoner Strangulation Strapless Bra Surrealism Taser Teen Teen Movie Teenager Telephone Sex Tragedy Turned Into Comedy Truck Undead Van Writing Writing In Blood

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