Wayang (1969)
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Wayang 1969

Wayang: Master puppeteer, Awang Lah, becomes a uneasy teacher to Awi, a blind, orphaned boy, and Melor, a girl with a nasal problem. Though blind, Awi is adept at memorizing wayang kulit stories. Melor, too, shows great skill in creating the puppets and manipulating them on the screen as Awi recites the stories. Now adult, Awis innovative ways of telling the time-worn tales of the Ramayana is well-received by his audience but Awang Lah is not pleased. To him, the traditional wayang kulit performance are sacrosanct and must not be tampered with. Awang Lahs problems are further compounded by the antics of his cousin, Jusoh, who considers Awang Lah and his wayang kulit as heretical. Loves begins to bloom between the blind Awi and Melor. Jusoh, who has an eye for Melor, begins to throw all manner of obstacles in their path, resulting in Awi being blamed for burning down Awang Lahs wayang kulit theatre. Awang Lah confronts Jusoh when he discovers that Jusoh was the real culprit. Now strongly protective of Awi and Melor, Awang Lah warns Jusoh to keep away from them. Circumstances become too much for Awang Lah and he collapses during a wayang kulit performance.

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Hatta Azad Khan
Eman Manan Ida Nerina
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Solar rating:6 /10

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