Forgetting the Girl (2009)
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Forgetting the Girl 2009

Forgetting the Girl: Set in New York Citys Hells Kitchen, the film follows the story of headshot photographer Kevin Wolfe. Kevin speaks directly to the audience through a series of slide projections and memory cues, explaining his futile struggle to find love and happiness. He narrates the story of his love life, weaving together episodes from his childhood, his checkered romantic past, and his most recent encounters with girls. He explains that no matter how hard he tries, no matter how many girls he dates, emotional fulfillment continually eludes him. He discerns that all of his troubles with women stem back to the traumatic childhood death of his little sister. He is convinced the only way he can possibly discover happiness is by driving these bad memories from his mind - he must find a way to forget. However, forgetting a girl, especially one from his traumatic past, proves to be much more difficult than Kevin expects.

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