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1990s Advisor Anti War Bar Bare Butt Black Comedy Black White Relations Blood Blood Spatter Bluff Border Crossing Boxer Shorts Bullet Bullet Wound Bunker C4 Explosives Capture Carpet Store Caught Having Sex Cell Phone Cell Phone Trace Civil War Cluster Bomb Collapsed Lung Comic Relief Convoy Corpse Court Martial Cow Critically Acclaimed Crushed To Death Culture Clash Cynicism Dark Comedy Dead Soldier Death Death Of Friend Decapitation Desert Desert Storm Dolly Zoom Dying Electric Shock Electrical Torture Emergency Surgery Ethnic Slur Exploding Car Exploding Helicopter Eye Injury Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Flag Football Freeze Frame Friendship Gas Gas Mask Gatling Gun Gold Gold Bar Gold Theft Gore Graphic Violence Gulf War Heist Helicopter Helicopter Crash Hidden Gold Hidden Treasure Hollywood Honorable Discharge Husband Wife Relationship Interracial Relationship Iraq Jeep Kurd Kurdish Kurdistan Kuwait Limousine Luxury Car Machine Gun Male Bonding Male Female Relationship Male Nudity Male Rear Nudity Map Marriage Merchant Mexican Standoff Michael Jackson Mine Field Murder Negotiation News Report News Reporter Night Vision Goggles Nudity Number In Title Object In Rectum Oil Organ Pain Persian Gulf Political Oppression Political Repression Political Satire Politics Public Humiliation Public Nudity Racial Slur Redneck Remake Reporter Rescue Reverse Footage Satire Severed Head Shootout Shot In The Arm Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Chin Shot In The Head Shot In The Shoulder Shot To Death Skip Motion Slow Motion Scene Sniper Stolen Treasure Stuffed Animal Surgery Switchblade Tear Gas Telephone Call Television News Threat Three Kings Torture Tragicomedy TV News TV Reporter Underwear Undressing Urination Violence Vomit War Violence

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