The Lady and the Duke (2001)
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The Lady and the Duke 2001

The Lady and the Duke: An episodic look at Grace Elliott (1760-1823) and Philippe, the Duke of Orleans, during the French Revolution. In 1790, they are friends, no longer lovers. He suggests she leave France, she warns him to quit the Revolution. In 1792, she must escape Paris on foot. Less than a month later, she returns on an errand of mercy and shows great courage saving the governor of Tuileries. The Duke in turn steps in to protect Grace. In early 1793, she demands a promise from the Duke that he vote to spare Louiss life; he does not, and Grace is furious. In April, he warns her of a search; she is arrested and brought before the committee. Orleans, too, is suspect. The guillotine awaits.

Solar rating:8 /10

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1790s 18th Century Acquittal Adjutant Ambassador Apology Aristocrat Arrest Asylum Atrocity Attic Austrian Author Based On Memoir Battle Bayonet Bed Bedroom Belgium Blockade Blood Book Boulogne France Boulogne Sur Mer Bravery Bribe Brother In Law Sister In Law Relationship Brother Sister Relationship Brunswich Manifesto Candle Card Playing Cemetery Chambermaid Champs Elysee Paris Chateau Chavalier Cheating Clock Coachman Commune Conspiracy Cook Corpse Courage Courier Cousin Cousin Relationship Coward Cross Crying Curfew Dead Body Death Decapitation Defecation Doctor Dog Dressing Drunkenness Duchess Duke Duke Of Biron Duke Of Chartres Duty Dying Emigre England English Englishwoman Escape Estate Ex Lover Execution Exile Expatriate Faking Illness Fanatic Fate Father In Law Son In Law Relationship Father Son Relationship Fear Fever Fire Flash Forward Fleeing Fortune Fortune Telling France French French Army French Revolution Friend Friendship Fugitive Garden Gendarme General General Dumouriez Girondin France God Governor Guard Guillotine Hatred Head On A Stake Head On Stake Heartbreak Henchman Hiding Honor Horse Horse And Carriage Hotel House Search Imperialism Innkeeper Interpreter Interrogation Invalides Paris Jacobin Jail Jean Paul Marat Joy Key King King Louis XVI La Force Prison Paris Lace Maker Laclos Paris Landlord Leg Injury Letter Liar Liberty Lie London England Lover Lying Manifesto Marquis De Champcenetz Marseille Provence Marseilles France Massacre Mattress Mercy Meudon France Misery Mistress Monarchy Money Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Mourning Murder Naples Italy Napoli Nobleman Novel Oath Orator Orleans Orleans France Palais Royal Palais Royal Paris Parade Parc Monceau Paris Pardon Paris France Passport Patriot Patriotism Pavillon Royal Paris Peace Peasant Perjury Persecution Philosopher Pity Place Louis XV Paris Politician Politics Portrait Poverty Prayer Prime Minister Prince Princess De Lambelle Prison Protege Queen Quinine Powder Rabbit Refuge Reprieve Rescue Revenge Revolution Revolutionary Rifle Riot Roadblock Robespierre Rossignol Paris Roule France Royalty Rue Miromesnil Paris Rumor Sadness Saint Denis Paris Santerre France Scaffold Scot Secret Hiding Place Sedition Sense Of Smell Serres France Servant Severed Head Singer Singing Slander Soaking Feet Song Spy Spyglass St Germain France Suffocation Surveillance Survival Suspicion Swiss Guard Swollen Legs Talleyrand Tears Temple Prison Paris Treason Trial Trust Tuileries Palace Paris Tyrant Undressing Vargirard Paris Versailles Versailles France Wealth Wine

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