Daybreakers (2010)
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Daybreakers 2010

Daybreakers: In the year 2019, a plague has transformed most every human into vampires. Faced with a dwindling blood supply, the fractured dominant race plots their survival; meanwhile, a researcher works with a covert band of vamps on a way to save humankind.

Solar rating:8 /10

Version 0 5992 views
Version 1 Promo Host 911 views
Version 1Sponsor Host 16005 views
Version 10118 views
Version 522 views
Version 257 views
Version 98 views
Version 6Sponsor Host 6294 views
Version 7Sponsor Host 17231 views
Version 498 views
Version 346 views
Version 238 views
Version 61 views
Version 272 views
Version 11 views
Version 277 views
Version 6586 views
Version 367 views
Version 2615 views
Version 260 views
Version 6242 views
Version 3001 views
Version 3061 views


2010s Ambiguous Ending American Flag Arm Ripped Off Bare Chested Male Bat Becoming Human Birthday Bitten By A Vampire Bitten In The Neck Blood Blood For Sale Blood On Camera Lens Blood Pack Blood Spatter Blood Substitute Bloodlust Body Torn Apart Brother Brother Relationship Burn Victim Burned Alive Burning Child Burning Man Captured People Car Accident Car Chase Car Crash Car Inside A House Child Smoking A Cigarette Child Vampire Cigarette Smoking Coffee Shop Commuter Consumerism Corpse Covered In Blood Crossbow Cure Cure For Vampirism Death Of Brother Death Of Child Decapitation Dismemberment Doctor Patient Relationship Double Barreled Shotgun Dragged By A Car Drinking Blood Eaten Alive Elevator Endangered Species Epidemic Evil Corporation Execution Experiment Experiment On Self Experimenting On A Vampire Exploding Body Exploding Car Exploding Head Explosion F Word Fang Fast Motion Scene Father Daughter Relationship Feeding Frenzy Female Vampire Flare Flashback Flat Tire Flying Bat Ford Mustang Gore Greed Handshake Head Ripped Off Heart Monitor Held At Gunpoint Helicopter High Tech Holding Hands Home Invasion Human Harvesting Human Livestock Humvee Immolation Immortality Impalement Intravenous Knocked Out With A Gun Butt Lasersight Little Girl Loss Of Brother Machine Gun Man On Fire Map Military Murder Mutation Near Future Newscast Night Driving Nipples Visible Through Clothing No Reflection Noble Vampire One Word Title Orchid Pandemic Person On Fire Plague Pokies Police Car Pontiac Firebird Rain Rationing Recapitation Reference To Elvis Presley Restraining Collar Riot Scar Scientist Screaming In Pain Self Mutilation Self Sacrifice Senator Severed Head Shot In The Arm Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Eye Shot Through A Wall Shot To Death Sleeping On Couch Slow Motion Scene Soldier Stabbed In The Back Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed In The Neck Stabbed In The Stomach Starvation Subway Suicidal Vampire Suicide Sunlight Sunrise Super Strength Syringe Threatened With A Knife Throwing A Bottle Against A Wall Thrown Across A Room Thrown Against A Wall Thrown Through A Windshield Tied To A Chair Topless Female Nudity Tranquilizer Tranquilizer Dart Undead Vampire Vampire Army Vampire Cop Vampire Doctor Vampire Experiment Vampire Girl Vampire Politician Vampire Society Vampire Soldier Vampirism Vineyard Vomit Waitress Wedding Ring Winery Woman Smoker World Of Vampires

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