Meet the Natives USA (2009)
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Meet the Natives USA 2009

Meet the Natives USA: They are traditional hunters and farmers, wearing grass skirts and penis sheaths. They have no electricity or TV, and a very limited idea of the world beyond their tiny island until now. Its time to Meet the Natives: USA. Insightful, entertaining and unforgettable, the extraordinary journey of 5 men from the remote Pacific island of Tanna across the USA will force us to look at ourselves through brand-new eyes.Why are we so obsessed with money and possessions? Why do we treat our pets better than some of our fellow citizens? What does family mean to us? What do we do with our elderly? How come we make all our important decisions in bars? And whats the point of ironing a shirt? The Tanna tribe dances their way into Americas hearts as they crisscross the country from high society Manhattan to the big sky of Montana. Whether its mud baths and roller coasters in Orange County, CA, sharing a Thanksgiving feast in Americas heartland, or touching snow for the first time, these tribesman spread their wisdom and kindness on their mission to meet the natives of the USA.

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