Max (2002)
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Max 2002

Max: A Jewish art dealer, who lost an arm during World War I befriends a young art student named Adolf Hitler, encouraging his artistic aspirations. However, the bitter and penniless Hitler is torn between his artistic desires and the increasing influence politics begins to play in his life.

Solar rating:8 /10

Version 0 5992 views
Version 1 Promo Host 911 views
Version 2Sponsor Host 3598 views
Version 3Sponsor Host 3566 views
Version 1632 views
Version 566 views
Version 6[Part 2] 599 views


1910s 1920s 1930s Abstract Art Adolf Hitler Adultery Amputee Anti Semitism Apparition Art Art Dealer Art Exhibit Art Gallery Art Show Artist Aryan Avant Garde Ballet Ballet Dancer Barracks Based On A Supposedly True Story Beaten To Death Beating Bicycle Bird Birthday Birthday Party Birthday Song Blood Blowing Out A Candle Boy Cafe Candy Store Cavalry Champagne Character Name In Title Christmas Cigarette Smoking Controversy Corporal Cultural Revolution Dancer Destroying A Painting Dormitory Doubt Draft Dodger Drink Drinking Eugenics Extramarital Affair Family Relationships Fascism Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Film Starts With Text Flatulence German German Army German Expressionism German Military German Officer Germany Girl Guilt Gunshot Hangover Hate Hate Crime Horse Horse Riding Husband Wife Relationship Imperial Germany Infidelity Iron Cross Ironwork Jew Jewish Jewish Slur Kicking Kitsch Art Legless Man Lemonade Lighting A Cigarette For A Woman Lung Cancer Male Female Relationship Marionette May December Romance Meat Grinder Mispronounce Name Mistress Modern Art Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Munich Germany National Socialist Workers Party Nazi One Armed Man Painter Painting Park Patriot Political Speech Politics Poverty Power Prayer Propaganda Public Speaking Puppet Show Racial Purity Rain Recital Reference To Florence Nightingale Reference To Lenin Reference To Max Ernst Reference To Monet Reference To Nietzsche Reference To Schopenhauer Reference To Trotsky Restaurant Self Expression Severed Arm Singer Singing Snow Song Speech Sunglasses Sword Synagogue Tapeworm Temple Tennis Racket Theatre Theatre Audience Tragedy Tragic Event Treaty Of Versailles Two Riding Bicycle Tying Shoelaces Unfaithfulness Vision Of The Future Vomit Waiter What If WWI WWII Yarmulke

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