Afghan Star (2009)
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Afghan Star 2009

Afghan Star: Afghan Star is a TV show modeled on the UKs Pop Idol. We join the 2008 contest when its down to nine contestants, and we focus on two women, Setara and Lema, and two men, Hameed and Rafi. We watch the two women in particular: Satara sings with emotion and includes dance in her final performance, an action that puts her life in danger; Lema is traditional, but her very appearance brings death threats. The three finalists are from different tribes, and each makes a plea for Afghan unity. The camera visits families watching the competition, there are comments from people in the street, and we return home with a nervous Setara. In Afghanistan, singing is an expression of freedom.

Release Date:
Havana Marking
Documentary Music
No Famous Actors
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Solar rating:6 /10

Version 1 Promo Host 911 views
Version 2 Sponsor Host 4837 views
Version 3 Sponsor Host 6673 views
Version 4 83 views
Version 5 2 views
Version 6 129 views

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