RF Video Shoot Interview - The Dudley Boyz (1969)
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RF Video Shoot Interview - The Dudley Boyz 1969

RF Video Shoot Interview - The Dudley Boyz: The undisputed leader in pro wrestling shoot interviews, RF VIDEO has once again done the seemingly impossible. Weve gotten all the top names that no one else can get. Sabu. Tammy Sytch. Roddy Piper. Bret Hart. Shawn Michaels. Now RF VIDEO has finally gotten a hold of one of wrestlings all time greatest tag teams, Brother Ray and Devon, TEAM 3-D for one of the hottest shoots of the year! Finally, for the FIRST TIME EVER, the former Brothers Dudley sit down with us to talk about their incredible wrestling careers! This shoot interview asks all the questions you want answered! Team 3-D went in-depth on their time in ECW and talked about all the major storylines and wrestlers they were involved with. Paul Heyman, the Eliminators, Public Enemy, Joel Gertner, Rob Van Dam and Sabu are just the tip of the iceberg. We even got Brother Ray and Devon to talk on record about the infamous Mass Transit match and the Tod Gordon/mole story! Not a stone is left unturned as we covered all the topics you want to hear about including Brother Rays experience promoting ECW shows, their thoughts on the ECW locker room , and of course…. NEW JACK! Fans of the ECW riot starters will love to hear the former stuttering dancer along with his dastardly half brother talk about their glorious run. TESTIFY!

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