La caduta degli dei (1969)
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La caduta degli dei 1969

La caduta degli dei: The power and fortune of the Von Essenbeck family remained intact even when Germany lost the great war and during the depression that followed. Now its 1934 and the baron has summoned his family to a dinner that also brings a cousin rising in the Nazi party to the great house accompanied by a rising manager at the barons company. Two little girls recite poetry in the parlor and then play hide-and-seek with their cousin Martin. Suddenly there is a scream. The baron has been shot with their fathers gun and the father flees the country.

Solar rating:6 /10

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1930s 1940s Aristocracy Aristocrat Arm Band Arrest Aryan Band Bare Breasts Bare Butt Baron Bath Bathtub Beating Berlin Germany Birthday Birthday Cake Blackmail Blood Board Of Directors Boat Book Burning Brother Brother Relationship Brother Sister Relationship Building On Fire Cabaret Number Camera Cancan Dance Candelabra Candle Caught Having Sex Cello Censorship Champagne Child Abuse Child Molestation Child Suicide Children Cigarette Smoking Clothing College Communist Conspiracy Convoy Cross Dressing Crossdresser Crying Cyanide Dance Dancer Dancing Death Decadence Dinner Dinner Party Dostoevsky Drag Dressing Drink Drinking Drug Addiction Drug Use Drunkenness Dynasty Eavesdropping Factory Family History Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father In Law Daughter In Law Relationship Father Son Relationship Female Nudity Fire Firing Squad Flowers Funeral Procession Gay Character Gay Lead Character Gay Orgy Gay Sex German German Military German Soldier Germany Gestapo Gift Grandfather Grandson Relationship Greed Gun Hanged Boy Hanging Heir Hide And Seek Homosexuality Horse Drawn Hearse Husband Wife Relationship Hypodermic Needle Incest Incest Subtext Industrialist Injection Intrigue Killed During Sex Kiss Kissing A Photograph Lakeside Letter Liberal Listening To Radio Lock Of Hair Machine Gun Male Female Relationship Male Frontal Nudity Male Nudity Man In Drag Marching Band Massacre Military Military Band Military Industrial Complex Mirror Mother Son Incest Mother Son Relationship Motorcycle Mountain Resort Munition Factory Murder Murder By Hanging Musical Number National Socialism Nazi Night Of The Long Knives Nude Swimming Nudity Oedipal Complex Opportunist Orgy Party Patriarch Pearl Necklace Pedophile Pedophilia Photograph Photographer Poison Police Police Archives Policeman Politics Power Railway Station Rape Recital Recitation Reference To Hitler Reichstag Richard Wagner Rifle Sadism Saga Servant Sex Sex Orgy Shakespeares Macbeth Shower Sidecar Singer Singing Sister Sister Relationship Skinny Dipping Song Souvenir Spotlight SS Stage Steam Room Steel Steelworks Storm Trooper Student Suicide Suicide By Poison Summer Resort Swastika Tape Recorder Target Practice Taxi Tears Telephone Call Third Reich Toast Toy Horse Train Uncle Nephew Relationship Uncle Niece Relationship Underwear Undressing University Viola Wealth Wedding WWII Zoom Lens

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