Boneyard:  Ships (2007)
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Boneyard: Ships 2007

Boneyard: Ships: Ships are among the largest machines on the planet. But when a great ship reaches the end of its useful life, it quickly goes from being the pride of the fleet to a massive liability. Then its time to set a course for the BONEYARD.See how veteran warships are sometimes blown to pieces in weapons tests, or sold and cut up for scrap. Witness one astonishing BONEYARD salvage operation saving the battleships that were sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor. And, amazingly, historic ship BONEYARDS were recently discovered that are literally the foundation of a city.Finally, see how new life springs from all this destruction. Some ships are purposely scuttled to provide sanctuary for marine life as artificial reefs. A fitting BONEYARD, indeed, for these magnificent SHIPS.

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Solar rating:4 /10

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