Can I Get High Legally? (2010)
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Can I Get High Legally? 2010

Can I Get High Legally?: Documentary in which George Lamb dives into the world of legal party pills and herbal highs.Legal highs are sold openly and legally in shops across the UK and on the internet. There are thousands of different pills, powders and herbs that promise the same effects as illegal drugs, but for much less hassle - no arrests for possession and no backstreet dealers to visit.Lamb sets out to discover why they are legal and whether this means they can also be called safe. He meets people who take them, a man who sells them and a doctor who says they are potentially more dangerous than class A drugs. He travels to Guernsey, where most of the young people he meets have tried them, and finally decides to try one for himself.They might be legal and easily accessible, but should they be used? This film presents all the information needed to make a decision.

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Solar rating:6 /10

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