The Story of God (2005)
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The Story of God 2005

The Story of God: Professor Robert Winston presents a definitive three-part documentary series on the history of mankinds quest to understand the nature of God.The Story of God is an epic journey across continents, cultures and eras exploring religious beliefs from their earliest incarnations, through the development of todays major world faiths and the status of religious faith in a scientific age.The series examines the roots of religious beliefs in prehistoric societies and the different ways in which humanitys sense of the divine developed.It looks at the divergence between religions that worship a range of deities and those that represent strict monotheism.Professor Winston says: However you define God, and whether you believe in God or not, the world we live in has been shaped by the universal human conviction that there is more to life than life itself; that there is a god shaped hole at the centre of our universe.We have come up with many different ways to fill that hole, with many gods or just one, with gods of hunting, gods of farming, gods of war and gods of sea and sky.

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