Campus (2009)
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Campus 2009

Campus : Jonty de Wolfe (Andy Nyman), the vice chancellor of Kirke University has a plan to make the university bigger. Following the success of newly promoted senior mathematics lecturer Imogen Moffat (Lisa Jackson) and her hit book The True Story of Zero, Jonty decides to force English literature professor Matt Beer (Joseph Millson), a unrepentant womaniser, to write a book just as popular. Matt therefore tries to come up with ideas, but instead spends more time annoying Imogen and mechanical engineering lecturer Lydia Tennant (Dolly Wells).Elsewhere in the university, Nicole Huggins (Sara Pascoe), an accommodations officer, makes an error in the universitys accounting system. As a result, everyone in the university has received twice as much pay as normal, giving away over 800,000. It is left to university accountant Jason Armitage (Will Adamsdale) to try to retrieve the money.

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Solar rating:8 /10


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