National.Geographic: Journey into Amazonia - Waterworlds (2011)
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National.Geographic: Journey into Amazonia - Waterworlds 2011

National.Geographic: Journey into Amazonia - Waterworlds: Journey into Amazonia features the swollen rivers, flooded forests and dense canopy of the vast rain forest recognized as one of Earth s natural wonders. For three years, producer Harry Marshall and his team braved sweltering heat and insect swarms to capture the changing seasons of a magical world. This three part wildlife series offers an enchanting look at rarely seen creatures as they contend with the volatile waters of the world s largest river system. The river s rich, turbulent waters sustain a vast cast of characters, including seven foot otters, fruit harvesting fish, fresh water dolphins and manatees. On land, stealthy jaguar s prowl, acrobatic monkeys defy gravity and keen eyed harpy eagles soar. This three part series is the result of a three-year adventure in the rivers, forests, and canopy of the rainforests of Amazonia.Waterworlds:In this episode, Journey into Amazonia, Episode 1: Waterworlds, producer Harry Marshall and crew battle the oppressive heat and hordes of insects to examine the world s mightiest river and film seldom-seen creatures and sights. The Amazon is a force that shapes the entire area. As its swollen waters ebb and flow, it affects all of the flora and fauna. This program features a close-up look at the giant otter a seven-foot wonder, and the boto dolphin

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