Saddle Ranch (2011)
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Saddle Ranch 2011

Saddle Ranch: Every year, thousands of young people come to Hollywood to chase their dreams and while theyre waiting to be discovered theyve got to pay the bills. If theyre dynamic, outrageous, and lucky, they work at the hottest place on the famous Sunset Strip, Saddle Ranch Chop House. Saddle Ranch takes us on a sexy, rock n roll mechanical bull ride into the lives, loves, and fake it til you make it dreams of the guys and girls who work at this iconic restaurant - from the hosts at the bottom of the totem pole, to the beautiful bartenders and wait staff, to the demanding managers who watch their every serve and pour. Well also follow the staff in their daily lives as they struggle to make a career in show business. Some will go on to be celebrities themselves (Kelly Clarkson is just one of many former bartenders who is now a celebrity). Others will get distracted by the easy money, late nights and fast living of the Hollywood nightlife...

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Solar rating:6 /10


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