Stingaree (1934)
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Stingaree 1934

Stingaree: Hilda Bouverie is an impoverished Australian servant girl in the house of the wealthy Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Clarkson in 1874. Mr. Clarkson is kind, but Mrs. Clarkson, a former aspiring opera singer, regards Hilda and Annie, another servant, as little more than slaves. Mrs. Clarkson is excited by the news that Sir Julian Kent, a renowned British composer, is coming to Australia. Meanwhile, Sir Julian arrives and stops over at a tavern, where he hears talk of Stingaree, a notorious highwayman that the police, led by Inspector Radford, are keen to catch. Stingaree then comes in, posing as a fellow Englishman, and he and his sidekick Howie capture Sir Julian and flee, outwitting the police. Mrs. Clarkson goes off to meet Sir Julian, but misses him. While she is away, Hilda, who harbours dreams of being an opera singer herself, plays Sir Julians new song, and Stingaree comes into the house, pretending to be Sir Julian. He encourages her talent, which the envious Mrs. Clarkson will not allow her to practise. After the Clarksons arrive home, they soon discover that Sir Julian is Stingaree, and he escapes, taking Hilda with him. At his hideout Hilda discovers that Stingaree loves her, and she tells him that her parents had the dream of singing, and that when they died she inherited the dream. When Sir Julian finally arrives at the Clarksons house, Mrs. Clarkson sings his song in an operatic manner, and Stingaree comes and insists that Hilda follow. Hilda then sings, her voice unpretentious by comparison, and Sir Julian invites her to come to England with him. Stingaree and Howie then try to escape, but Stingaree is shot and arrested.

Solar rating:10 /10

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