The Man who Crossed Hitler (2011)
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The Man who Crossed Hitler 2011

The Man who Crossed Hitler: In November 1930 brown-shirted storm troopers of Hitlers SA break into the Communist Eden Palace club,killing several members. Jewish lawyer Hans Litten prosecutes them and,at the suggestion of his boss Rudolf Olden,agrees to sub-poena Hitler,who had supposedly renounced violence yet who clearly supported the SA, to discredit him as a popular figure. Against the advice of his assistant Margot Furst Hans prepares his case,even involving Stennes, a rival Nazi to Hitler. At the trial Hans,the practised lawyer,runs rings round Hitler,who is frequently unable to answer his questions. The Brown Shirts are convicted but it is a Pyrrhic victory for two years later Hitler will become chancellor,Hans will be arrested and he will die in Dachau concentration camp.

Solar rating:8 /10

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