Reshimat Ahava (2000)
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Reshimat Ahava 2000

Reshimat Ahava: This is Israeli filmmaker David Fishers chronicle of his attempt to solve a personal mystery and bring a troubled family together. He makes use of a light, portable camera, a skilful crew and mainly his four siblings, to begin an emotionally challenging search for their long lost sister. In a creative documentary style, with revealing moments of grief and humor, Fisher leads his brothers to uncover the dark secrets of the past, going back 50 years, when the state of Israel has just been created and unlawful deeds and wrongdoing were part of its birth pains. Their sisters disappearance, two days after birth from the hospital, was kept a family secret for years. Throughout her life the mother felt the baby girl, one of twins, was abducted, but she did not disclose her innermost feelings. Her sons now believe the authorities judged the eighteen-year-old immigrant, a Holocaust survivor, couldnt take care of twins and decided to give one baby for adoption. The brothers assume she is alive and living in Israel or abroad somewhere and they leave no stone unturned to find her. In the course of the search, the camera uncovers a unique and intimate but troubled family fighting for its existence. After the recent death of both his parents, David felt his fantasy of The Family is, in reality, turning into an existence of individuals. Each of the Fisher brothers now leads his own life and is faced with his own predicaments. Born and raised in Israel, they are all secure and successful in their various fields but are faced with the disorders of families everywhere: parent-children dysfunction, divorce, occupational pressures, mental breakdown. David seizes the opportunity of the search, this is his vehicle to heal the family. What more then a common goal and a personally involved one, do you need? As it turns out, you need more.

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David Fisher
Amnon Fisher David Fisher George Klein

Solar rating:6 /10

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