Bhindi Baazaar (2011)
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Bhindi Baazaar 2011

Bhindi Baazaar: Set in the underbelly of Mumbai; in the notorious by-lanes where Greed is a Culture and Deceit becomes a Compulsion Bhindi Baazaar Incorporation revolves around gangs of pickpockets who consider pick pocketing as an art. They use their intelligence as a canvas and their spontaneity as a brush to survive in this dangerous lively hood. Bhindi Baazaar Inc. is the story of a pawn and his calculated moves to reach the end of the chessboard. Revolving around a crime syndicate who are in the business of pickpocket, the film starts with a game of chess between two characters Shroff and Darzi. Each move unfolds their story and eventually the motive of their meeting. The story unravels the quest of a small time pickpocket Fateh next in line to be a MAMU (local area-head). The screenplay underlines the gritty politics, hierarchy, rules, commands, intelligence, wit and betrayal within the business.

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Deepti Naval Jackie Shroff Kay Kay Menon Pavan Malhotra
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Solar rating:6 /10

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