Kenneyville (2011)
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Kenneyville 2011

Kenneyville: There is something seriously wrong with Kenneyville. When, a young woman, KIM (Kelsey Oluk), from Toronto goes missing and police mysteriously drop the case earlier than expected, two private detectives are hired to find her. With undercover aliases, CHARLIE (Dany Gehshan) and KELLY (Vanessa Broze) head to the small town of Kenneyville for answers after discovering significant clues. Upon meeting seemingly innocent locals, they end up in a shocking predicament of violence where Charlie is brutally beaten and Kelly is ruthlessly kidnapped. Charlie awakens in shock with a new mission: to find and save his partner and discover if Kims kidnappers are the same as Kellys. We soon realize the horrific truth behind both womens disappearances. ADRIAN BLACK, a local scientist and businessman, has been collecting innocent women for experiments in creating brainwashed assassins. Charlie soon discovers just how deep the rabbit hole goes and ultimately learns which shocking mega-organization has hired Adrian to produce these ruthless killing machines. Kenneyville is filled with intense action, complex mystery, and illustrates a fantastic example of how innovative, independent filmmakers can create an epic adventure on a low budget.

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Brooks Hunter
Jimmy Pierre Leblanc
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Solar rating:4 /10

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Version 4 225 views
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Version 6 325 views
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