Titanics Nuclear Secret (2013)
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Titanics Nuclear Secret 2013

Titanics Nuclear Secret: The nuclear trail to Titanic and the intact treasures of the Black Sea.It was the greatest nautical mystery of the 20th Century: the final resting place of Titanic.Renowned oceanographer Dr Bob Ballard stunned the world in 1985 when he discovered the wreck of the famed liner. But the story we thought we knew is just the tip of the iceberg, Ballard was acting as a secret agent on a classified intelligence operation for the US Navy.A reservist in the Navy, Ballardís mission was to investigate two Cold War tragedies from the 1960s, the loss of the US nuclear submarines, Thresher and Scorpion. The Navy had granted Ballard permission to search for Titanic only if there was time left after his mission. Under this agreement, he had 12 days left to hunt for the liner. Join us as we uncover the clandestine operation that brought one of the greatest ever nautical mysteries to the surface.

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