The Secret KGB Sex Files (2001)
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The Secret KGB Sex Files 2001

The Secret KGB Sex Files: The KGB was, for 50 years, an intelligence agency, using money, sex and blackmail as tools to entice foreigners to betray their countries and hand over secret information. We enter the vaults of the KGB to see the use of the Honey Trap -- the use of women in sexual situations to snare victims and obtain secret information. How did the KGB identify U.S. Marines who worked at the U.S. Embassy and target them, leading to compromise and in the case of marine Lonetree, to a 30 year prison sentence. We see a bumbling FBI agent selling out his country for sex in a car, and the CIA officer who lived a lavish lifestyle at the cost of agents lives. Hidden cameras reveal seduction, passion and sexual conduct all used to destabilize enemy governments.

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David McKenzie
Oleg Kalugin Osama Bin Laden Roger Moore
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Solar rating:6 /10

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