Meow (2017)
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Meow 2017

Meow: An alien lifeform from a faraway planet has been residing on Earth for thousands of years. They transform themselves into cats and populate every area of the globe. Their intelligence and adorability have led to them being treated as kings and queens by their human minions. Xi Xili is the latest visitor from their home planet, Planet Meow. He is an adorable oversized-cat-like being that has come to invade Earth and ensure his planet`s survival. His plans get derailed upon his arrival on Earth when a family in Hong Kong takes him in as their pet.

Release Date:
Benny Chan
Comedy Family
Hong Kong
Andy Huang Chutian Liu Li Ma Louis Koo Michelle Wai
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Solar rating:2 /10

Version 0 5992 views
Version 1 Promo Host 911 views
Version 1HD LinkSponsor Host 13270 views
Version 2HD 61 views
Version 3HD 162 views
Version 4HD LinkSponsor Host 299 views
Version 5HD LinkSponsor Host 8683 views
Version 6HD 16 views
Version 7HD 73 views
Version 8HD 4 views
Version 9HD 21 views
Version 10HD 52 views
Version 11HD 19 views
Version 12HD 24 views
Version 13HD 15 views

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