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1930s 1940s Adultery Airplane Accident Airplane Crash Amnesia Art Assisted Suicide Atheist Automobile Accident Bare Breasts Based On Novel Bathtub Beach Betrayal Biplane Blockbuster Bomb Disposal Booby Trap Book British British Army Burn Injury Burn Victim Burnt Face Burnt Flesh Cairo Egypt Camel Canadian Canadian Expatriate Capture Caravan Cartographer Cave Painting Cavern Christmas Church Compassion Count Cuckold Dancing Death Desert Dinner Party Disfigurement Doomed Love Drawing Drug Overdose Eavesdropping Egypt English Escape Ex Thief Expedition Explosion Extramarital Affair Face Slap Famous Score Female Frontal Nudity Female Nudity Field Hospital Fire Flashback Friend Friendship Geneva Convention German Gunfire Haunted By The Past Healing Historical Event Hopscotch Hungarian Independent Film Infidelity Interracial Relationship Interrogation Irony Italian Italy Jealousy Jumping From A Train Landmine Love Love Story Loyalty Machine Gun Map Maker Marriage Melancholy Melodrama Minesweeper Monastery Moral Ambiguity Morphine Movie Theater Murder Nazi Newlyweds Nonlinear Timeline North Africa Nurse Nurse Patient Relationship Obsessive Love Ownership Paper Crown Paratrooper Passion Patient Piano Plane Crash Victim Prisoner Promise Reading Refugee Revenge Sahara Sandstorm Santa Claus Suit Severed Finger Severed Thumb Sex Sex Standing Up Sexual Tension Shampoo Shared Bath Shepherds Hotel Signal Flare Sikh Star Crossed Lovers Statue Stranded Survivor Tank Thief Thunderstorm Tobruk Torture Tragedy Tragic Event Tragic Love Train Tuscany Italy Unfaithfulness Ve Day WWII WWII In Italy

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