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Alcoholics Anonymous Arrest Assassin Assassination Attorney Based On TV Series Beautiful Woman Breakfast Bulletproof Vest California Car Bomb Cell Phone Chase Cincinnati Ohio Classroom Cocaine Color Filter Columbus Ohio Corrupt Official Corruption Courtroom Crack Cocaine Crack House Criminal Death Desert Director Also Cinematographer Drug Abuse Drug Addict Drug Addiction Drug Cartel Drug Courier Drug Dealing Drug Overdose Drug Rehabilitation Drug Ring Drug Smuggling Drug Trafficking Drug Use Drug War Drugs El Paso Texas Ensemble Cast Ensemble Film Epic Escape Exploding Car Father Daughter Relationship Flashback Food Poisoning Funeral Gay Bar Georgetown Washington DC Ghetto Golf Club Grave Digging Handcuffs Helicopter Heroin High School Hitman Informant Interlinked Stories Interracial Friendship Interracial Relationship Interracial Sex Joke Judge Kidnapping La Jolla La Jolla California Lemonade Loss Of Friend Marijuana Marriage Meeting Mercedes Benz Mexican Border Mexico Mexico City Multiple Perspectives Multiple Story Line Murder Old Friend One Word Title Organized Crime Plastic Surgery Poisoning Police Police Corruption Politics Pregnancy Press Conference Prostitution Rehabilitation Remake Remuneration Runaway Runaway Child San Diego California Sexual Favor Shooting Shot In The Back Shot In The Foot Silencer Sniper Spanish Lesson Stolen Car Suburbia Surveillance Swimming Pool Teenage Daughter Teenage Girl Teenage Prostitution Teenage Sex Threat Tijuana Tijuana Mexico Torture US Mexico Border Violence Washington DC White House Wiretapping Witness

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