Childs Play 2 (1990)
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Childs Play 2 1990

Childs Play 2: Chuckies back as the doll possessed by the soul of a serial killer, butchering all who stand in his way of possessing the body of a boy.

Solar rating:8 /10

Version 0 5992 views
Version 1 Promo Host 911 views
Version 1045 views
Version 366 views
Version 4Promo Host 1561 views
Version 5Promo Host 265 views
Version 0 views
Version 1998 views
Version 1526 views
Version 1151 views
Version 846 views
Version 1200 views


Accused Of Murder Actress Shares First Name With Character Ambulance Apostrophe In Title Assembly Line Basement Beaten To Death Bedtime Story Black Comedy Black Humor Blood Bound And Gagged Burned Alive Burnt Face Car Accident Car Chase Car Phone Chant Chicago Illinois Child In Peril Child Smoking Cigarette Chucky Chucky The Killer Doll Cigarette Smoking Climb Through Window Corpse Death Death Of Husband Digging Grave Digit In Title Disbelieving Adult Doll Dripping Blood Electric Knife Electrocution Elementary School Evil Doll Evil Smile Exploding Head Eye Gouging Fall Down Stairs Fall From Height False Accusation False Accusation Of Murder Fire Alarm Foot Chase Foster Father Foster Home Foster Mother Foster Parent Foster Parenting Foster Sister Framed For Murder Gore Gothic Head Bashed In Held At Gunpoint Hiding In Closet Hiding Under Bed Hiding Under Covers Hung Upside Down Husband Wife Relationship Lifting Person In Air Lightning Limousine Liquor Store Locked In Closet Locked In Room Neck Breaking New Student Newspaper Man Nose Bleed Obscene Finger Gesture Orchestral Music Score Pajamas Police Possession Punctuation In Title Rain Raised Middle Finger Reference To Hansel And Gretel Reference To Pinocchio Reflection In Car Mirror School Bus Score Employs Electronic Instruments Second Part Sequel Sequel To Cult Favorite Severed Hand Severed Leg Sewing Machine Shovel Singing Slasher Social Worker Stabbed In The Chest Stabbed In The Eye Stabbed In The Leg Stabbed To Death Strangulation Suffocation Supernatural Power Swing Teacher Threatened With Knife Throat Slitting Thrown Down Stairs Thrown Through Window Thrown Through Windshield Tied To Bed Tied To Chair Toy Toy Factory Trail Of Blood Voodoo Water Gun Young Boy Yuppie

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