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Alarm Alcoholic American Eagle Amnesia Anti Gay Language Applause Axe Banana Bank Robbery Basketball Beached Whale Blockbuster Body Landing On A Car Bomb Bourbon Brooklyn New York City Bus C4 Explosives Car Accident Car On Train Tracks Catching Someone Who Falls Cement Mixer Character Name In Title Chase Across The Sky Child In Peril Child Swearing Cityscape Convenience Store Corvette Cutting Glass D Box Motion Code Dead Man Switch Defibrillation Defibrillator Depression Destruction Dog Dunkin Donuts Editorial Escaped Convict Exploding Car Explosion Falcon Falling From Height Family Relationships FBI Agent Female Police Officer Ferris Wheel Fingerprint Fire Flying Football Frankenstein Freight Train Gas Cylinder Grey Whale Group Therapy Gurney Hit By A Train Homophobic Slur Hook For Hand Hospital Hostage Ice Cream Truck Immortality Infidelity Interracial Romance Invulnerability Jumping Into The Sky Jumping Over A Car Lightning Liquor Bottle Liquor Store Logo Looking At Self In The Mirror Los Angeles California Love Triangle Male Nudity Meatball Mercedes Moon Mugshot Neck Brace New York City News Reporter One Word Title Overturning Car Parasaurolophus Pokies Police Popcorn Prison Product Placement Public Relations Publicist Reference To Youtube Reformation Repeated Line Rescue Restaurant Revenge Robbery Rocket Launcher Sailboat Scared Scene During End Credits Secret Identity Secret Past Severed Hand Shaving Shootout Shot In The Chest Shot In The Eye Shot In The Face Shot In The Head Shot In The Stomach Shot Multiple Times Shot Through A Window Soccer Soul Mate Spaghetti Sprinkler System Stabbed In The Back Store Robbery Storm Strapped To A Bomb Sunglasses Super Speed Super Strength Superhero Superhero Costume Superheroine Syringe Tattoo Telephone Call Television Thrown Into The Air Thrown Through A Wall Title Appears In Writing Title Spoken By Character Tornado Trailer Home Train Accident Train Derailment Train Wreck Turban Upside Down Car Vicodin Weather Control Wilhelm Scream Wounded Policeman Youtube Zagnut Candy Bar

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