Whats Your Point Honey (2008)
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Whats Your Point Honey 2008

Whats Your Point Honey: WHATS YOUR POINT, HONEY? puts a new face on political leadership by introducing seven possible contenders coming down the pipeline, while revealing inequalities that still exist today. Five years ago, COSMOgirl! and The White House Project joined forces, creating Project 2024, to get more young women involved in politics so that we could see a day when just as many women as men run for the highest office in the country - getting beyond gender to agenda. Its not a matter of if but when a woman will become president of the United States. Will it be 2016? 2024? Who knows!?! What we do know is that its inevitable. Shes out there somewhere and just who she might be and when shell take charge is changing from a fantasy to a reality. Defining where women stand now and more importantly, how what happens today shapes what will happen tomorrow, the movie takes a (sometimes whimsical) look at possible female leaders of the future. Character-driven but not heavily story-driven by intent, the film emphasizes that there is no beginning, middle or ending to the ongoing roll of history. Portraits are painted of seven possible future leaders underscoring one of the main themes of the film that it is not about one woman candidate running, but hopefully many someday. Susan and Amy set out to, at th e very least, start a conversation, bridging generations about the topic of feminism, which has lain dormant for decades, and at the very most, to provide a marker in time through a medium familiar and accessible by all. They wanted to document how women and young girls see themselves at a pivotal moment in time and thus provide a frame of reference to how far women have come and how far they still have to go.

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