Robotech II The Sentinels (1969)
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Robotech II The Sentinels 1969

Robotech II The Sentinels: In this movie consisting of the first three episodes of the abortive TV sequel series, we rejoin the characters of the first Macross portion of the series a couple of years after the destruction of Superdimensional Fortesses 1 and 2. Now, General Rick Hunter and Admiral Lisa Hayes are making the final preparations for a crucial intersteller expedition to the Robotech Masters world of Tirol using the newly built SDF-3. This immense task is further complicated by preparations for their wedding which they agreed would be on the new ship just before it launches. Unknown to them however, the Robotech Masters are already enroute to Earth in a long voyage to reclaim the desperately needed protoculture energy supply that was hidden in SDF-1 and wont arrive for years. With their absence, the Invid, lead by the male leader of that enemy race to the Masters, the Regent, is attacking that weakened planet. He hopes to recover the stolen protoculture supply there, or at least exact genocidal revenge on his enemy.

Solar rating:6 /10

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