Psychonauts (2005)
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Psychonauts 2005

Psychonauts: Against his fathers wishes, a young psychic prodigy named Razputin (Raz for short) leaves his life in the circus and sneaks into Whispering Rock, a summer camp where young psychics like him can learn to use their powers, and maybe someday become Psychonauts, psychic secret agents who battle the forces of evil. Raz manages to impress the camps head counselor, Morceau Oleander, as well as visiting Psychonauts Sasha Nein and Milla Vodello, who agree to let him stay... but only until his father comes to pick him up. But somethings amiss at Whispering Rock: a sinister force is stealing the brains from Razs fellow campers, leaving them mindless, TV-obsessed zombies. Raz decides to put his growing arsenal of psychic powers to good use and investigate the strange goings-on. Along the way, hell journey into the minds of those around him, and face perils ranging from mad scientists to giant monsters to the psychotic mental constructs lurking within the deranged minds of insane asylum inmates, and thwart an evil plot for world domination.

Solar rating:4 /10

Version 1 Promo Host 911 views
Version 2 Promo Host 6513 views
Version 3 Promo Host 3344 views
Version 4 779 views

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