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3D Glasses Airbag Airplane Airplane Chase Ambulance Armored Truck Army Rangers Arrest Bag Over Head Baghdad Iraq Bank Barbecue Bare Chested Male Based On TV Series Beating Betrayal Black Ops Blood Blood Spatter Body Armor Bulletproof Vest Burning Money Cameo Car Chase Cargo Ship Cell Phone Cemetery Chaos Character Repeating Someone Elses Dialogue CIA CIA Agent Cigar Smoking Colonel Colorado Corrupt Cop Counterfeit Court Court Martial Crematorium Deception Demotion Desert Director Cameo Disguise Dishonorable Discharge Distraction Diversion Doll Double Cross Drone Dyed Hair Dynamite Escape From Prison Escaped Mental Patient Ex Lover Exploding Airplane Exploding Building Exploding Car Exploding Helicopter Exploding Motorcycle Exploding Plane Exploding Ship Face Slap Fainting Man Fake Accent Fake Identity Faking Own Death Falling From Height Falling Through A Rooftop Window False Passport Fear Of Flying Fight Fighter Jet Fireworks Firing Pin Flashback Florida Foot Chase Framed For Murder Frankfurt Germany Freeze Frame Fugitive Funeral Gas Grenade Gasoline Gatling Gun General Government Agent Grenade Launcher Handcuffs Head Butt Heist Held At Gunpoint Helicopter Helicopter Chase Hit By A Car Hit With A Car Door Hit With A Rifle Butt Hospital Hotel Impostor Intelligence Officer Journalist Jumping Through A Window Kicked In The Stomach Kidnapping Knife Knocked Out Lake Lake Tahoe Laptop Lieutenant Los Angeles California Machine Gun Magnet Martial Arts Mercenary Mexico Military Military Officer Missile Mohawk Money Falling Through The Air Motorcycle Movie With Surprise Ending Murder Neck Breaking Pacifism Parachute Parking Garage Person On Fire Photo Booth Pilot Pistol Plan Playing Doctor Police Car Prison Prison Bus Product Placement Punched In The Face Rain Raised Middle Finger Reference To Gandhi Remake Remake Of TV Show Remote Control Car Repeated Line Rescue Mission Restaurant Revenge Revolver Robbery Rocket Launcher Rogue Agent Rooftop Satellite Scene After End Credits Scene During Opening Credits Secret Mission Sewer Shipping Container Shootout Shot In The Arm Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Head Shot To Death Shotgun Silencer Singing Along With A Record Slow Motion Scene Sniper Sniper Rifle Snow Soldier Soldiers Of Fortune Speedboat Split Screen Stealing An Airplane Stomp On Hand Stuttgart Germany Subtitled Scene Suitcase Sunglasses Surveillance Tank Tanning Bed Tapped Phone Tattoo Thrown From A Car Tire Title At The End Title Spoken By Character Title Spoken By Narrator Train Station Traitor Trap Tunnel Van Vomit Wrongful Imprisonment

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