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Airplane Airport Arm Cut Off Assassination Auto Theft Axe Beach Betrayal Body Count Brawl Breaking Through A Door Broken Neck Bulldozer Burglary Cadillac California Camouflage Car Accident Car Chase Car Dealer Caught Having Sex Chase Child In Peril Cliff Commando Convertible Corpse Cult Favorite Electric Shock Electrocution Exiled Dictator Exploding Boat Exploding Building Exploding Car Extortion Face Paint Face Slap Faked Death Falling From Height Falling Off A Balcony False Identification False Passport Famous Line Father Daughter Relationship Fight Fistfight Flight Attendant Flirting Garbage Truck General Geofiction Grenade Head Butt Helicopter Hit And Run Hit By A Car Impalement Jailbreak Jumping From An Airplane Jumping Through A Window Kicked In The Face Kidnapping Killing Spree Knife Knife Fight Knife In Chest Knife Throwing Los Angeles California Mansion Martial Arts Mass Killing Military Officer Military Veteran Motel Movie With Surprise Ending Murder Neck Breaking One Liner One Man Army Parking Garage Phone Booth Pipe Professional Hit Psychopath Psychotronic Race Against Time Rescue Revenge Rocket Launcher Rogue Soldier Room Service Scalping Seaplane Security Guard Severed Arm Shootout Shopping Mall Shot In The Arm Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Forehead Shot In The Head Shot In The Side Shot To Death Single Father Sole Black Character Dies Cliche Stabbed In The Crotch Swimming Pool Tarmac Throat Slitting Thrown Through A Wall Title Spoken By Character Topless Female Nudity Tough Guy War Paint

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