Lemon Tree (2008)
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Lemon Tree 2008

Lemon Tree: Salma Zidane, a widow, lives simply from her grove of lemon trees in the West Banks occupied territory. The Israeli defense minister and his wife move next door; the Secret Service orders the trees removed for security. The stoic Salma seeks assistance from the Palestinian Authority (useless), Israeli army (dismissive), and a young attorney, Ziad Daud, who takes the case; this older client attracts him. While the courts deliberate, the Israelis fence her trees and prohibit her from entering the grove. As the trees wither, the defense ministers wife and, separately, an Israeli journalist, look on Salma with sympathy. In this allegory, does David stand a chance against Goliath?

Release Date:
Eran Riklis
Israel Germany France
Amnon Wolf Amos Lavi Hiam Abbass Makram Khoury
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Solar rating:6 /10

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