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Adapted Score Aerobics Air Force Base Airforce One Alter Ego American Flag Arms Dealer Arms Race Astronaut Barn Baseball Bat Baseball Glove Based On Comic Book Box Office Flop Burning Money Catholic School Chain Gang Character Name In Title Chrysler Building Manhattan New York City Cigar Smoking Classroom Clone Cold War Convertible Creation Criminal Mastermind Crystal DC Comics Deception Deoxyribonucleic Acid Digging Disarmament Disguise Drum Kit Electricity Elevator Escape From Prison Exploding Building Exploding Car Explosion Explosive Farm Father Daughter Relationship Fight Fighting In The Air Fire Fire Truck Firefighter Fireplace Fitness Center Flying Fortress Of Solitude Fourth Part Frenchman Furnace Creature General Genetic Engineering Golden Gate Bridge Good Versus Evil Great Wall Of China Guest Speaker Gymnasium Hawaiian Shirt Horse Hostage Hot Dog Stand Hotel Human Alien Journalism Jumping From Height Juvenile Delinquent Kicked In The Face Kryptonite Laboratory Lava Levitation Lifting Someone Into The Air Little Boy Machine Gun Male Female Relationship Man With Glasses Media Manipulation Military Missile Moon Mountain Museum New York City Newspaper Editor Newspaper Headline Newsroom Nuclear Explosion Nuclear Missile Nuclear Threat Nuclear Weapons Nun Outer Space Phone Booth Photographer Pickaxe Pistol Police Car Police Officer Press Conference Prisoner Product Placement Remote Control Car Revolving Door Rooftop Russia Russian Army San Francisco California School Bus Secret Lair Sequel Shotgun Smallville Snow Solar Eclipse Solar Power Soldier Spaceship Spacewalk Special Powers Statue Of Liberty New York City Submarine Subtitled Scene Subway Sun Super Villain Superhero Superman Taxi Teenager Telekinesis Train Treadmill TV Broadcast Tycoon Uncle Nephew Relationship United Nations US Air Force US Army US Marshal US President Village Villain Vintage Car Volcanic Eruption Volcano Walkman World Peace World Trade Center New York City Wrestling X Ray Vision

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