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African American Airplane Ambulance American Flag Apartment Atheist Audience Aunt Niece Relationship Awards Banquet Ballet Dancer Bar Bare Chested Male Basement Beating Beauty Salon Bible Bicycle Bicycle Accident Bittersweet Black American Black Eye Blood Broom Brother Sister Relationship Cat Cat Scan Cell Phone Cellist Cello Cello Lesson Chance Meeting Christian Church Cigarette Smoking Cocaine Coercion Columnist Concert Concert Hall Crack Cocaine Cross Crying Dancer Dancing Delivering Newspaper Diagnosis Divorce Docudrama Drink Drinking Drug Addict Drug Use Drumsticks Drunkenness Editor Elevator Emergency Room Epilogue Ex Husband Ex Wife Relationship Eyeglasses Face Injury Face Mask Faith Family Relationships Father Son Relationship Fear Fire Flash Forward Flashback Flowers Freeway Friend Friendship Genius God Group Therapy Hair Dresser Head Injury Hearing Voices Hiding Hit By A Car Homeless Man Homeless Shelter Homelessness Hospital Hotel Humor Jesus Christ Journalist Juilliard Liar Lie Listening To Music Lithium Los Angeles California Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra Los Angeles River Los Angeles Times Love Mayor Medication Megaphone Mens Bathroom Mental Breakdown Mental Illness Mirror Mother Son Relationship Multiple Narrators Music Lesson Music Teacher Musical Genius Musical Prodigy Musician Newspaper Newspaper Reporter Nurse Ohio State University Orchestra Orchestra Rehearsal Outsider Pajamas Paranoia Park Passion Pay Phone Phone Booth Police Policeman Prodigy Prologue Psychiatry Raccoon Rat Reference To Bach Reference To Beethoven Reference To Donald Duck Reference To Frank Sinatra Reference To Jascha Heifetz Reference To Mr Bojangles Reference To Paula Abdul Reference To Simon Cowell Reflective Rehabilitation Rehearsal Reporter Savant Schizophrenia Shaving Shopping Cart Sing Along Singer Singing Skid Row Sleeping Slow Motion Scene Snow Snowing Song Soup Speaker Phone Spelling Standing In The Middle Of Traffic Statue Storytelling Street Life Street Musician Subjective Camera Sweeping Talking To Ones Self Tape Recorder Taxi Teacher Tears Telephone Call Theatre Audience Therapy Torment Traffic Cone Traffic Tunnel Uncle Sam Hat Underpass Underwear Undressing Unlikely Friendship Urination Urine Sample Usc Video Camera Violence Violin Violinist Voice Over Narration Walt Disney Concert Hall Wearing A Trraffic Cone As A Hat What Happened To Epilogue Whiteface

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