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Abduction Advanced Technology Afghan War Afghanistan Air Force Airplane Accident Ambush Arm Sling Armor Arms Dealer Artificial Intelligence Automatic Rifle Automobile Accident Award Baldness Banquet Based On Comic Based On Comic Book Battle Tank Beach House Beard Betrayal Billionaire Birthday Birthday Present Blockbuster Blue Dress Board Of Directors Body Armor Body Landing On A Car Brawl Bullet Proof Vest Burger King Cache Captivity Car Accident Car Battery Car Crash Casino Cave Cavern Cell Phone Ceo Character Name In Title Cheeseburger Child In Peril Closing Credits Sequence Cluster Bomb Comedic Foil Comic Acronym Computer Craps Cult Favorite Cynicism Dance Dancing Death Death Of Father Death Of Friend Death Of Parents Deceit Deception Desert Directed By Co Star Double Cross Dress Ear Bleeding Electrocution Electromagnetism Engineer Escape Evil Man Exploding Bus Exploding Car Exploding Tank Explosion Eye Patch Falling From Height Falling Out Of The Sky Falling Through A Rooftop Window Falling Through The Floor Father Son Relationship Ferris Wheel Fictional War Fighter Jet Fighter Pilot Fire Extinguisher First Of Series Flamethrower Flashback Flight Ejection Flying Friend Gambling General Genius Gift Goatee Good Versus Evil Government Agent Hack Heart Attack Helicopter High Altitude Hit By A Car Hole In Chest Hologram Human Shield Humvee Ice Industrialist Interview Iron Man Las Vegas Nevada Linguist Los Angeles California Low Comedy Loyalty Magazine Reporter Male Female Relationship Malibu California Manhattan Project Manicheism Mansion Martini Marvel Comics Mask Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Massacre Military Military Officer Missile Misuse Of Technology Murder Newspaper Newspaper Headline No Opening Credits Nonlinear Timeline One Man Army One Night Stand Origin Of Hero Parachute Paralysis Person On Fire Personal Assistant Photograph Pilot Pizza Playboy Power Armor Premarital Sex Press Press Conference Prisoner Private Jet Product Placement Radar Reception Reference To Myspace Reporter Rescue Retractable Weapon Robot Robotics Rocket Launcher Rooftop Scar Scene After End Credits Secret Agent Secret Cache Self Doubt Self Sacrifice Sexy Dress Shot In The Chest Shot In The Head Shot In The Shoulder Shot Through A Wall Shot To Death Shrapnel Sidekick Skylight Slapstick Comedy Special Forces Stun Gun Super Computer Super Villain Superhero Surgery Surprise After End Credits Suv Talking Computer Technology Telephone Call Television News Terrorism Terrorist Terrorist Attack Terrorist Base Terrorist Group Thrown Through A Wall Title Appears In Writing Title Spoken By Character Torture Torture Threat Translator Treason Village War In Afghanistan Warlord Water Torture Weapon Weapon Of Mass Destruction Weapons Dealer Weapons Factory Weapons Technology Workshop

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