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Abduction Airplane Airport Alleyway Alsace Lorraine Alsatian American Flag Americana Hotel Manhattan New York City Animal In Title Arabic Art Museum Assassin Based On Novel Bathroom Bed Bird In Title Birthday Cake Blood Book Bound And Gagged Breaking And Entering Brooklyn Heights Brooklyn New York City Brooklyn New York City Building Superintendent Bullet Bullet Proof Vest Cafe Calligraphy Captive Car Keys Central Park Manhattan New York City Character Name In Title Chase Chevy Chase Maryland Christmas CIA CIA Agent City College Of New York Coat Hanger Code Code Name Code Reader Computer Condor Conspiracy Cross Country Skiing Dead Body Delivery Man Diagram Diner Elevator Erie Lackawana Terminal Hoboken New Jersey Espionage Expose Falling Down Stairs Fear Fight Figurine Firing Range Flak Jacket Flashback Following Someone Friend Friendship Fugitive Germany Green Mountains Vermont Guggenheim Museum Manhattan New York City Gun Helicopter Hiding Hitman Holiday Inn Hospital Hotel Hotel Room Ice Idiogram Inside Job Intelligence Analyst Invasion Plan Kidnapping Kiss Langley Virginia Liar Library License Plate Lie Life Support Locksmith Loneliness Magic Marker Male Female Relationship Manhattan New York City Massacre Middle East Motorbike Murder New York City New York Telephone Companuy New York Times New York Times Building Manhattan New York City Newspaper Number In Title Nurse Oil Oil Field On The Run Pantyhose Paranoia Park Pay Phone Persian Gulf Phone Booth Phone Tap Photograph Photographer Phreaking Police Police Car Police Siren Policeman Politics Proposed Middle East Invasion Pursuit Rain Rape Record Player Recording Reference To Albert Einstein Reference To Dashiell Hammett Reference To Dick Tracy Reference To Mozart Reference To Van Gogh Research Researcher Restaurant Rifle Running Salvation Army Santa Claus Suit Secret Secret Code Sex Shoes Shooting Shot In The Head Shot In The Neck Shot Through A Door Silencer Singer Singing Snow Snow Skiing Song Spy Street Repair Sunglasses Surveillance Surveillance Camera Suspense Target Target Practice Taxi Teenage Boy Teenage Girl Telephone Telephone Call Telescope Sight Tied To Chair Trenchcoat TV Commercial TV News Umbrella United Nations US Marine Van Venezuela Vermont Veteran Wall Street Journal War Game Washington DC Washington Monument Washington DC Watching TV World Trade Center Manhattan New York City Writer

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