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Abuse Of Power African American Alcoholism Anal Rape Angel Arson Aryan Aryan Brotherhood Betrayal Black Magic Black Militant Black Panthers Blanket Party Blood Bribery Bricked In Room Brother Brother Relationship Bullying Cafeteria Catholic Priest Catholicism Cell Mate Chaplain Chinese American Christ Allegory Christs Passion Christening Christian Christian History Christian Horror Church Class Warfare Colonel Controversy Corrupt Police Corrupt Politician Cult Favorite Death Death Penalty Death Sentence Defecation Degradation Disturbed Childhood Divorce Drug Abuse Drug Dealing Drug Smuggling Dystopia Egomaniac Electric Chair Ensemble Cast Ex Convict Extramarital Affair Family Relationships Father Son Relationship Fear Female Nudity Fish Out Of Water Flashback Forbidden Love Forced Confession Forced Decision Forgiveness Gambling Gang Gang Culture Gang Member Gang Rape Gang Violence Gangster Gay Gay Couple Gay Interest Gay Kiss Gay Rape Gay Romance Gay Slur God Gods Love Godfather Group Punishment Gun Harassment Hate Crime Hatred Homoeroticism Homophobia Homosexual Rape Homosexuality Imprisonment Insomnia Intimidation Irish American Irish Catholic Italian Italian American Jamaican Jesus Christ Jew Juvenile Delinquent Killer vs Killer Ku Klux Klan Latino Life Sentence Machismo Mafiosi Male Breast Cancer Male Frontal Nudity Male Nudity Male Rape Marine Martial Arts Masochism Masturbation Misfit Mob Molester Murder Murder Mystery Murder Scheming Muslim Convert Nazi Neo Nazism Nerd Nun Opus Dei Painter Panopticon Parole Parolee Pedophile Penitentiary Plain Clothes Nun Poetry Poison Prayer Prayer Group Priest Prison Prison Basketball Prison Break Prison Bus Prison Cell Prison Escape Prison Escape Artist Prison Guard Prison Labor Prison Library Prison Life Prison Matron Prison Ministry Prison Rape Prison Riot Prison Sex Prison Torture Prison Warden Prison Widow Prisoner Prisoner Exchange Prisoner Transport Professional Oath Protected Witness Protective Custody Protest Psychiatrist Psychopath Punk Pyromaniac Race Relations Racial Slur Racial Tension Racism Rape Rapist Real Life Siblings As Fictional Siblings Redemption Redneck Religious Fanatic Revenge Reverse Discrimination Russian Sadistic Warden Satire Serial Killer Sex Sex Addict Sexual Assault Sheriff Shooting Sociopath Solitary State Violence Suicide Suicide Attempt Tattoo Tattoo Artist Tattooing Television Broadcast Threats And Intimidation Title Spoken By Character Torture Triad Undercover Cop Unsubtitled Foreign Language Vengeance Vietnam Veteran Violence Voice Over Narration Wheelchair White Power

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