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1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s Abandoned Baby Accident Adopted Son Adoptive Mother Adultery Aging Aging Disorder Aging Parent Altered Version Of Studio Logo American Flag Anti Aging Atlantic Ocean Baby Born Backstage Ballerina Ballet Bar Based On Short Story Bath Black & White To Color Blindness British Woman Broadway Manhattan New York City Broken Leg Brothel Button Cable Car Car Accident Character Name In Title Cherokee Child Abandonment Child As Adult Christian Revival Church Clock Clockmaker Collision Course Crutches Dance Class Dance Teacher Dancing Daughter Death Death In Childbirth Death Of Baby Death Of Father Death Of Mother Deathbed Decorating Apartment Deformed Baby Deformity Dementia Diary Disfigurement Drunkenness Duplex Dying Dying In Childbirth Dying Young Elevator English Channel Epic Estranged Father Expectant Father Expectant Mother Extramarital Affair Family Business Fantasy Like Father Son Relationship Fictional Biography Flashback Flooding Floodwater Foster Mother Funeral Getting Smaller Giving Birth Grave Side Ceremony Healer Historical Fiction Hit By A Car Honey Hospital Hospital Bed Hotel Lobby Human Condition Hummingbird Hurricane Hurricane Katrina India Indian Chief Motorcycle Lightning Lightning Strike Lingerie Slip Love Magical Realism Man Child Manhattan New York City Medical Condition Melancholy Mother Son Relationship Motorcycle Napkin Tucked Into Collar Narrated By Character Navy New Orleans Louisiana New York City No Opening Credits No Title At Beginning Nostalgia Old Age Old Man Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Older Woman Younger Man Relationship Paris France Phonograph Piano Postcard Preacher Pregnancy Premarital Sex Premature Aging Progeria Prostitute Pygmy Rapid Aging Religion Restaurant Retirement Home Reverse Footage Russia Sailor Ship Captain Shot Through Chest Skin Condition Spy Struck By Lightning Swimmer Swimming Swimming Pool Tattoo Tea Tent Theodore Roosevelt Told In Flashback Train Station Travel Tugboat U Boat Unable To Walk Unwanted Child Upright Piano Voice Over Narration Vomit Wheelchair White Hair WWI WWII Young Youth Restored

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