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18 Wheeler 1920s 1928 Actor Playing Multiple Roles Ah 64 Apache Helicopter Alien Alien Contact American Flag Lapel Pin Ark Astrobiologist Australia Back From The Dead Barbed Wire Bio Suit Blackout Blood Blood On Shirt Blood Spatter Boy Bridge Briefing Brownout Calling Parent By First Name Cemetery Central Park Manhattan New York City Chalkboard Chase Child In Peril Chinese Christ Allegory Count Down Crampon Crashing Through A Road Block Death Death Of Father Defense Secretary Disaster Disintegration Double Decker Bus Earth Eaten Alive Ecology Electrocution Elevator End Of The World Environment Environmental Issue Escape Evacuation Exploding Helicopter Explosion Extraterrestrial Female Scientist First Contact Gash In The Face German Shepherd Giant Robot Healing Heart Attack Helicopter Helicopter Crash Himalayan Mountains Hit By A Car Human Alien Hummer Hyperbolic Trajectory Insect Insect Attack Interracial Families Interracial Marriage Interrogation Interstellar Communication Lie Detector Little Boy Looting M1 Abrams Tank M16 Rifle M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System Machine Gun Man Crushed By Car Manhattan New York City Marine 1 Mathematical Equation Mcdonalds Melting Snow For Drinking Water Messenger Military Military Police Military Scientist Motorcycle Mq 1 Predator Mugging Multiple Time Frames Nanobot Nanotechnology NASA New Jersey New York City New York Skyline Nobel Prize Nose Bleeding Oil Well Outer Space Panic Peace Through Strength Pickup Truck Placenta Police Escort Police Officer Police Officer Killed Power Outage Product Placement Prologue Rain Reference To Pizarro Remake Of Classic Film Resurrection Riot Robot Science vs Military Scientist Self Sacrifice Shadow Shockwave Shot In The Chest Sidewinder Missile Single Parent Sniper Social Security Number Spacecraft Sphere Squid Stepmother Stepson Relationship Stepson Stitch Subtitled Scene Swarm Tank Television News Threat Train Station UFO Uh 60 Blackhawk Helicopter Ultimatum Umbrella Unexpected Visitor Video Game Wheelchair Wilhelm Scream

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) Comments

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