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1980s Accidental Killing Adultery Arms Dealer Army Army Base Army Training Back Pack Barracks Based On Novel Battery Beer Drinking Beetle Berlin Germany Berlin Wall Black Comedy Black Market Blood Spatter Booby Trap Boredom Bouncer Boyfriend Girlfriend Relationship Bribery Burn Victim Car Thief Card Playing Cigarette Smoking Cold War Colonel Commanding Officer Commissary Confederate Flag Cooking Heroin Corruption Dancing Death Dog Tag Drug Abuse Drug Addict Drug Dealer Ecstasy Exploding Body Exploding Car Exploding Gasoline Station Falling From Height Father Daughter Relationship Fear Of Heights First Date Flashlight Forklift Frisbee General German Reunification Germany Hamburger Hand Grenade Handcuffs Head Wound Heroin Incompetence Independent Film Indoor Football Infantry Infidelity Interracial Jealousy Jeep Jumping From Height Kicked In The Face M 16 Machine Gun Marriage Military Police Mirror Mob Boss Morphine Movie With Twist In The End Murder Neo Noir Night Swimming Nightclub Nightmare Party Passionate Kiss Person On Fire Pistol Post War Germany Pumpkin Racial Slur Red Dress Reference To Nietzsche Rolex Roommate Satire Scheme Secretary Sergeant Sex Sex On Stairs Shootout Shot In The Chest Shot To Death Slogan Slow Motion Scene Soldier Specialist Stabbed In The Chest Stabbing Stars And Stripes Stinger Missile Stoned Soldier Supply Swimming In Underwear Swimming Pool Swimsuit Syringe Tank Target Practice Threat Trap Truck Turkish Mafia Undercover Agent Underwear Unfaithful Wife Violence Voice Over Narration Volkswagen Weapons Dealer

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