Minghags (2009)
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Minghags 2009

Minghags: Trailer trash rockers Lenny (BAM MARGERA) and Ponce (BRANDON DICAMILLO) have vowed revenge, on billionaire scum-bag Rut Ru (also BRANDON DICAMILLO) and his bloated sidekick Dominick (DAVE LORD BOTTARO) who have heisted Ponces cool invention, the Garbage Juicer. In dire desperation, the dimwits call on Badger (RYAN DUNN) a whipped wussy, endlessly obsessing over his slutty sweetheart Libby (Angie Cuturic). But alas, Badgers love is lost, as Libby is hung-up on a hot-hunk named Bruno. Meanwhile, campus nincompoop Ralph (MARK THE BAGGER) has flunked and found himself grounded for life by his father.

Solar rating:6 /10

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