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1910s 1920s Ammunition Army vs Civilians Arrest Arsenal Arson Ashes Assassin Assassination Band Battle Beach Beating Bicycle Boat British Army British Empire British Flag British Soldier Bullet Burning Evidence Cafe Candle Cannon Car Explosion Castle Catholic Catholic Church Cease Fire Character Name In Title Children Church Cigarette Smoking Civil War Collaborator Cricket Customs House Dancer Dancing Dead Body Death Demonstration Detective Diplomat Drink Drinking Drunkenness Dublin Castle Dublin Ireland England Epic Escape Evidence Explosion Face Slap Father Daughter Relationship Fight Fire Firing Squad Flashlight Gazebo Government Guerilla Gun Gun Running Hanging Hauled Out Of River Horse Husband Wife Relationship Independence Inspector IRA Ireland Irish Irish Civil War Irish Flag Irish Free State Irish Free State Army Irish Republic Irish Republican Army Jail Key Liberty Library Lincoln Jail England Liverpool England London England Love Love Triangle Machine Gun Maid Male Female Relationship Martyr Massacre Menage À Trois Military Uniform Motorcycle Murder Murderer Neck Breaking No Opening Credits Parallel Montage Park Pavillion Peace Photograph Police Policeman Politician Politics Priest Prison Prostitute Protestant Raid Railroad Station Rain Ransacking Rebel Rebellion Reference To Peter Pan Reference To Woodrow Wilson Religion Religious Statue Restaurant Revenge Rifle River Rooftop Rugby Scapegoat Secret Service Sheep Shot In The Head Shot While In River Sidecar Singer Singing Sinn Fein Siren Slaughter Smuggling Song Speech Spy Stadium Statesman Strangulation Street Walker Streetcar Suppression Tank Tea Terrorism Title Spoken By Character Torture Train Traitor Treason Treaty Truce Typewriter Uprising Violence Weapon Wedding Wedding Dress White Flag Of Surrender Whore Wrestling

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