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2010s Alternate Future Alternative Timeline Army Artificial Intelligence Band Aid Bare Chested Male Battle Black Smoke Blockbuster Blood Bomb Attack British Actor Playing American Character Burnt Face Captain Carrot Chaos Character Name In Title Character Repeating Someone Elses Dialogue Chase Child In Peril Child With A Gun Christ Allegory Colonel Corpse Critically Bashed Crushed To Death Cult Favorite Death List Death Of Brother Death Row Declaration Of War Desaturated Colors Desert Destiny Devastated Landscape Exploding Body Exploding Building Exploding Car Exploding Gasoline Station Exploding Helicopter Exploding Plane Exploding Truck Facial Scar Fall From Height Fate Female Pilot Fictional War Firearm Flare Flash Drive Foot Blown Off Fourth Part Future Gang Rape Attempt Gas Station Gash In The Face Gatling Gun General Genocide Giant Robot Good Versus Evil Grenade Launcher Gun Half Human Hanging Upside Down Head Butt Head Ripped Off Heart Surgery Held At Gunpoint Helicopter Helicopter Crash Heroism Hit By A Car Human Harvesting Husband Wife Relationship Impalement Infantry Jumping From A Helicopter Killer Robot Knocked Out With A Gun Butt Leader Lethal Injection Lieutenant Lone Survivor Los Angeles California Machine Machine Gun Major Male Female Relationship Mass Murder Medic Melting Face Military Military Officer Mine Field Minigun Molten Metal Motorcycle Movie With Surprise Ending Mushroom Cloud Mute Child Nuclear War One Man Army Part Of Trilogy Pilot Post Apocalypse Pregnancy Prophecy Punched In Stomach Punched In The Face Radiation Radio Rape Attempt Reboot Of Series Rescue Mission Research And Development Department Resistance Fighter Returning Character With Different Actor Revelation Robot As Pathos Ruins Run Out Of Gas San Francisco California Scar Scarface Scratching Face Search For Father Self Sacrifice Sequel Sequel To Cult Favorite Severed Head Shot In The Arm Shot In The Back Shot In The Chest Shot In The Groin Shot In The Hand Shot In The Head Shot In The Leg Shot In The Shoulder Shot To Death Shotgun Smoke Social Commentary Soldier Stabbed In The Back Stabbed In The Neck Strategy Subjective Camera Submarine T800 The Terminator Threatened With A Knife Torn In Half Transforming Robot Trap Uh 1 Huey Helicopter Uniform Violence Voice Changer War Wound Wartime

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