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1980s 1990s Adulterous Wife Adultery African American African American Filmmaker African American Music American Gangster Anger Bare Breasts Betrayal Black American Black Boy Black Dialect Black Independent Film Black Slang Blood Bra Brutality Butterfly Knife Chase Chrysler Building Manhattan New York City Corruption Court Courtroom Crack Cocaine Crack Head Crime Boss Criminal Critically Acclaimed Crowd Cruelty Cult Favorite Danger Death Degradation Directed By Co Star Drive By Shooting Drug Addict Drug Addiction Drug Dealing Drug Lord Drugs Ethnic Slur Falling From Height Female Nudity Female Rear Nudity Friend Friendship Gang Gang War Gangster Gangster Boss Genocide Gun Harlem Manhattan New York City Heroin Hidden Camera Husband Wife Relationship Independent Film Infidelity Jeep Justice Lasersight Lingerie Machine Gun Mafia Mafia Boss Manhattan New York City Megalomaniac Mob Mob Boss Mobster Murder New York City Nipples Nudity Organized Crime Panties Party Police Police Brutality Police Detective Police Investigation Police Officer Policeman Poverty Power Racist Comment Racist Joke Revenge Safecracker Sex Sexual Attraction Sexual Desire Shooting Shot In The Chest Shot To Death Stabbed In The Hand Statue Of Liberty New York City Street Stuttering Sunglasses Surveillance Switchblade Telephone Telephone Call Tension Thong Throat Slitting Trial Undercover Underground Underwear Vengeance Vigilante Villain Played By Lead Actor Violence World Trade Center Manhattan New York City Wrath

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