Rose Red (2002)
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Rose Red 2002

Rose Red: A group of people with psychic powers are invited to spend the night in a haunted house.

Solar rating:7 /10

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Actress Adultery Africa African AIDS Allergic Reaction Allergy Amnesia Apple Arguing Parents Arrest Attic Aunt Nephew Relationship Autism Autistic Autograph Automatic Gate Baby Baby Carriage Back Pack Bandage Bar Basement Battle Axe Beating Bee Beehive Beer Beret Bicycle Big Band Music Billiard Room Billiards Blood Boarding School Boogeyman Boy Broken Neck Brother Sister Relationship Building Construction Cafe Camera Camera Shot From Inside A Refrigerator Captive Car Accident Car Fire Caretaker Cell Phone Cellar Champagne Chandelier Chase Child Singer Choked To Death Choking Choking On An Apple Christian Cigarette Holder Cigarette Smoking City Night Scape Clairvoyant Class Classroom Closet Door Open Cobweb College Dropout Coloring A Picture Construction Accident Construction Foreman Cowboy Cowboy Boots Cowboy Hat Crow Crying Crystal Ball Curse Dance Dancer Dancing Dead Telephone Death Death From A Heart Attack Death Of Mother Decapitation Deformed Arm Destruction Destruction Of A House Diary Disappearance Disease Disrepair Dog Dog Bite Doll Dollhouse Dom Perignon 1949 Domino Fall Dominoes Door Slammed On Fingers Double Barreled Shotgun Dream Drink Drinking Earthquake Eating Whipped Cream From The Can Electric Battery Electricity Elephant Elephant Hunter Escape Exam Explosion Extramarital Affair Extrasensory Perception Eyeglasses Face Slap Falling From A Scaffold Falling From A Tower Falling From Height Falling Glass Falling Off A Chair Falling Rocks Falling Through A Window Falling To Ones Death Family Relationships Father Daughter Relationship Father Son Relationship Fear Ferocious Dog Ferry Finger Cut Fire Fireplace Fireplace Poker Flash Forward Flashback Flashlight Flood Flowers Fortune Teller Fountain Fraud Friend Friendship Frowned In A Fountain Furniture Covered With Sheets Garbage Truck Garden Gas Stove Gate Gay Geiger Counter Ghost Girl Grandfather Clock Grandfather Grandson Relationship Greenhouse Groaning Hallucination Hammer Hanged Boy Hanged Man Hanging Hangmans Noose Haunted House Haunted Mansion Head Wound Hearing Voices Heart Attack Hidden Door Hiding Under A Bed Hit In The Head Homosexual Honeymoon Honking A Horn Horse And Carriage House Tour Husband Wife Relationship Im A Little Teapot Song Ice Cream Illness Infidelity Insanity Interrogation Investigation Iron Gate Key Key Ring Kiss Kitchen Knife Lantern Last Will And Testament Lawn Sprinkler Lecture Lemon Lily Living Dead Locked In Locked Room Lost Maid Male Female Relationship Mannequin Mansion Map Masturbation Mens Bathroom Meter Miniature Mirror Missing Hand Missing Person Mother Daughter Relationship Mother Son Relationship Movement Under A Carpet Moving Statue Murder Murder Of Mother Nightmare Noose Obsession Ocean Liner Oil Company Old Dark House Older Man Younger Woman Relationship Organ Organist Overdue Bill Overnight In A Haunted House Overprotective Parent Pajamas Pantry Paranoia Paranormal Phenomena Parking Permit Pay Phone Pay Phone Ringing Phonograph Photograph Photographer Pills Pizza Pizza Delivery Boy Playing Pool Pms Police Policeman Portrait Painting Prank Telephone Call Precognition Pregnancy Printing Professor Psychic Psychic Power Psychology Puget Sound Washington Pursuit Raggedy Andy Doll Raggedy Ann Doll Rain Rat Rear Ending A Car Record Player Recording Red Rose Reference To Adam And Eve Reference To Betty Grable Reference To Charles Dickens Reference To Errol Flynn Reference To Glenn Miller Reference To Jean Harlow Reference To Lillian Gish Reference To Scrooge Reference To Shirley Jackson Reference To The Home Shopping Network Reference To Theodore Roosevelt Reference To Tom Mix Reference To William Shakespeare Refrigerator Remote Control Reporter Research Restaurant Riddle Roach Motel Rock Rock Slide Rocks Crashing Through The Roof Rooftop Rope Running Sailboat Scaffold Scootabout Scream Seance Seattle Washington Seeing The Past Servant Severed Finger Severed Hand Sex Shooting A Bird Shotgun Sister Sister Relationship Skeptic Slide Show Smother Mother Solarium Spiral Spook Hunt Stained Glass Window Staircase Startled Starvation Starving To Death Statue Stephen King Storytelling Streetcar String Necktie Student Student Newspaper Suicide Suicide By Hanging Suit Of Armor Supernatural Power Taking A Pill Teacher Tears Teasing Teddy Bear Teenage Girl Telekinesis Telepathy Telephone Call Tied Up Toast Tower Travel Alarm Clock Trespassing TV Mini-Series Uncle Nephew Relationship Underground Water Unfaithfulness Upside Down Room Victrola Video Camera Volvo Station Wagon Wading Waitress Watching TV Water Explosion Wedding Whipped Cream Whirlwind Whispering Wind Wind Chime Wine Cellar Withered Arm Wrecking Ball Writing Writing In Dust WWI Year 1906 Year 1907 Year 1909 Year 1911 Year 1914 Year 1915 Year 1950 Year 1991 Zombie

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