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84 Carat Diamond Accidental Killing Accidental Shooting American In The Uk Arson Attacked By Dog Bag Of Coins Bare Knuckle Fighting Baseball Bat Beaten To Death Bet Black Comedy Blood Blood Spatter Body In Trunk Boxing Brawl Briefcase Chained To Wrist British Flag Burned Alive Butcher Knife Cannibal Pig Cigar Smoking Cockney Accent Concorde Corpse Cruelty To Animal Cult Comedy Cult Favorite Cut With Knife Death Desert Eagle Desert Eagle 50 Diamond Diamond Theft Disguise Dismemberment Dog Dog Fighting England Fake Gun Fast Motion Scene Female Nudity Fight Fixed Fight Freeze Frame Gambling Gangster Gangster Comedy Gay Slur Gun Held To Head Gypsy Hare Hasidic Jew Head Brace Head Butt Head Stuck In Window Heist Held At Gunpoint Hit By A Car Hit In The Crotch Hunting Impalement Intimidation Jewish Mafia Kidnapping Knocked Out London England Loss Of Mother Machine Gun Man Eating Pig Milk Mobile Home Moissanite Movie With Twist In The End Murder Narrated By Character Neo Noir Nickname Nonlinear Timeline Obesity One Word Title Organized Crime Period In Title Pig Pikey Pump Action Shotgun Rabbit Chased By Dog Ran Out Of Ammo Rhyming Slang Robbery Russian Mafia Sarcasm Set On Fire Severed Arm Severed Finger Shot In The Chest Shot In The Eye Shot In The Face Shot In The Head Shot Multiple Times Shot Through Wall Shot To Death Shotgun Ski Mask Slow Motion Action Scene Split Screen Stop Action Strangulation Stuffed In Trunk Stun Gun Suicide Sword Tattoo Tea Cozy Thick Accent Threatened With Knife Title Ends With Period Title Spoken By Character Twin Sister Unintelligible Violence Yardie

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